Sentinel Recs


♥ = absolute faves


Armchair by Francesca: Jim has a dream that worries him. [trigger warning for dreams of dub-con/non-con]

 The Awakening by Keira Marcos: Detective Jim Ellison doesn’t want a Guide. What he wants is peace and quiet and maybe for his ex-wife to disappear. Dr. Blair Sandburg, a successful profiler with the FBI, has nearly given up on finding his Sentinel. Then the night came where one’s pain drew the other across the country – neither will ever be the same.

Choices by Dolimir: What would have happened if Jim and Blair had made slightly different choices?

The Christmas Elf by Lady Ra: Jim’s life is falling apart, and there seems to be only one place that makes him feel better

 Epiphany in a Stairwell by Lady Ra: Blair offers a little verbal sex counseling to a homophobic cop and Jim has an epiphany.

Father Dear Father by Dangermouse: I just couldn’t resist when I saw Vow of Silence again. I know I should have.

NEW 8-8-2015 ♥ A Good Read by alyjude_sideburns: Blair has finished his Academy training, but is not to be allowed to graduate with the rest of the cadets. He decides to attend the graduation rehearsal to give himself closure…

Honeymoon Suite by Dangermouse: A serial killer is on the loose and the boys have one chance to capture their suspect.

A Kiss At A Time (Babysteps) by legion: Jim faces the prospect of fatherhood, and Blair convinces him that it’s time to take another look at their relationship because of it.

A Touch Closer by legion: The truth about Jim’s mother brings Jim and Blair even closer.

Too Far, Too Fast by legion: Circumstances force Jim to face the changes in himself since he and Blair started working toward becoming lovers.

Rough Road by legion: Jim and Blair run into an unexpected obstacle in their developing relationship.

Off Course by legion: When things in Major Crimes go bad for the partners, Blair worries about the damage he is doing to his sentinel by claiming him for himself.

Destination by legion: Blair turns over for the first time for Jim, and his reaction to it is nothing like what he expected. Or was prepared to deal with.

Endpoint by legion: Simon finally admits to himself why he’s been an idiot since Jim and Blair came out to him.

 The Littlest Guide by angelee: Two year old Blair bonds ten year old Jim

Lovesong by Brumeier: Jim Ellison is having a rough go of things. Assigned to desk duty because his senses are out of whack, he investigates a cold case – the murder of a Rainier professor. Blair Sandburg, a young teacher whose dreams have been sidelined by a physical disability, finds a new purpose in his life when he meets Jim. Can they solve the case and overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of what could be a great partnership?

A Meeting of Equals by Lady Ra: After one more fight about the Dissertation, Blair plans to make good on his threat to destroy all his notes.

Mountain Pass by Lady Ra: Blair meets Jim after he’s already had a bad experience with another Sentinel.  He’s not too happy about meeting another one.

 Permeance by polly_bywater: A suicidal young Blair calls the Sentinel Guide Crisis Hotline after an attack by Alex Barnes. AU

Pinecrest by rentgirl2: After the events of TSbBS, Blair overhears a conversation that causes him to leave Cascade and start a new life as a teacher on a reservation.

Portraits by legion: A look at Jim and Blair’s growing relationship from three different points of view, Post TS by BS.

Portraits 2 by legion: Three views of Jim and Blair’s growing relationship through the eyes of those who know them and those who don’t.

Portraits 3 by legion: One of J/B’s colleagues sees their relationship just a bit differently from everyone else.

Quiet Desperation by Arianna: A very long Murder 101 missing scene. Warnings for occasional use of strong language. And, for those who are sensitive to the issues and realities of domestic abuse, while the subject is touched upon, I did not intend the physically violent incident between the principals in this story to be an example of domestic abuse – however, some may feel that the issue is handled too lightly.

Right to Dream by LilyK: In a world where Sentinels and Guides are known, Jim Ellison and Blair Sandburg meet.

Sentinel and Partner by Dangermouse: Jim needs to say he’s sorry, and a good way comes in the post

Sentinel Island by Brumeier: When Jim, Blair and Simon crash on a deserted island, they’ll have more to contend with than just survival when Jim’s senses go awry. Pre-slash eventually changing to slash lite.

 Sweet Sixteen by Wanda: In a world where sentinels are common Jim and Blair meet as teenagers at a party designed to bring Guides and Sentinels together. Set in the late 21st century. Blair is 16, Jim is 18.

To Hold A Wolf By The Ears by Dangermouse: Jim comes home from Clayton Falls to discover that Blair’s gone on a retreat of his own.

The Unexpected Blair Sandburg by Arianna: The story is set immediately post series and explores the differences between perceptions, expectations, and reality. Has Jim ever really seen Blair as a man in his own right? Or for him, is Blair only the longhaired, hyperactive, perennial grad student tagalong who helped him with his senses?

 Unsung by legion: When Blair convinces Jim to just let his Sentinel free, how can things change?

 The Wish by Lady Ra: An AU off of the episode Remembrance: After Jim remembers Bud dying, Blair makes a wish on his behalf that things had turned out differently.

Works in Progress  (as of Feb 21, 2015)

 Moonhunt by Dolimir: A young shaman is caught out in the open during a moonhunt and his life is forever changed. If you just read chapter 1 to where it says The End, it is a complete story. If you continue to chapter 2, it ends on a HUGE cliffhanger and the author says it will most likely never be continued from there. It is marked as complete but the A/N explains. Updated: 2011-06-05

Escape the Moonlight by Dolimir: This is an AU of my ‘Moonhunt’ story. What if Blair was already (semi) established in his role as Alpha Guide of Cascade and Jim was the one reluctant to accept his destiny? COMPLETE


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  1. shivi says:

    thank you for making this list. it has some amazing stories. i really appreciate your time and patience that went into making this list..


  2. Michelle Freeman says:

    Thanks for keeping this list posted.


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